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About Us.

Experts in Creative Multimedia

Black Dot Media Group is a dynamic multimedia organization that specializes in the production of multimedia creation and design. We have the power to provide development, design, marketing services, and customizable management to meet your goals.

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Our Story

The origin of Black Dot Media Group began in 2017 when our core founders found a unique niche in supplying a la carte multimedia services to individuals, start-ups, and small businesses with the desire for growth, but didn't have the resources to build an in-house team. We found an area of opportunity to step in and fill the gaps to keep small and medium sized businesses alive and thriving.


Our unique style of play allows our clients to create custom action plans for their projects, regardless if it's a long or short term assignment, social media graphic designs, logo designs, website management, family photos, content creation, copyrighting, etc. 

Through our uniqueness, we've been able to create long-lasting relationships between our team and clients that cultivate growth.

With BDMG, everybody wins.

Teams Provided For

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